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Hello all!!! Please take a second to read this!! <3<3

I apologize for my absence, but I have a good reason.

That reason was born on March 15, 2014. My son, Sirius Orion, was born 15 weeks before his due date. Currently, he is doing well, but he is still very small and fighting very hard to get better so he can eventually come home. We have a long road ahead of us, they tell me not to expect him to come home until his due date (June 25).

I have acquired new followers (inexplicably, since I have been gone for so long!!) and to all of my older followers and tumblr friends I wanted to make sure I let you guys know why I never get on anymore.

At this time, tumblr is not a priority. I will try, periodically, to get back on from time to time, but I really can’t promise much. As for now, all of my stories are still on my tumblr page and anything you don’t find on here can be found at my Archive of Our Own page. Just search for my name (Midwest Witch) or my story titles, if you are interested.

I have no plans to shut down my account right now, but like I said, things in my life are very confusing and chaotic at the moment, and my son requires my attention more than my blog does.

Thank you all for your understanding. I hope this gets to you.

TL;DR - My son’s in the hospital. Tumblr is taking a backseat for a while. Keep reading my stories!

Love you guys!!!!

P.S. The new Captain America movie was the SHIT

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